v₂ v. blow souffler (8 groups, 18 languages) B cf: vats, viɮ, pikʷ/pɨkʷ ʸ.
The basic sense is 'blowing with the mouth'. The root is not attested in any languages of the South sub-branch. The change *v→f is regular in Proto-Margi and Proto-Kotoko Island, but not in the other groups.

1Proto-Hurza *fɨ blow souffler 1.1) Vame (Kinnaird) fə̄fú whistle siffler 1.1.1) Vame (Kinnaird) fúwā blow souffler_(du vent)

2Proto-Margi *fi blow souffler 2.1) Bura (Blench) fjâ To blow Also fî 2.1.1) Bura (Blench) To blow Also fyâ

3Proto-Mofu *v blow souffler 3.1) Ouldeme (Kinnaird) siffler 3.2) Muyang (Smith) vu blowing soufflant 3.3) Mada (Nkoumou) mevea souffler 3.4) Moloko (Friesen) fe blow in an instrument siffler_un_instrument 3.4.1) Moloko (Friesen) fe play an instrument jouer un instrument 3.5) Dugwor (Jubumna) mafaj whistle (v) siffler 3.5.1) Dugwor (Jubumna) mafaj hiss siffler (serpent) 3.5.2) Dugwor (Jubumna) ma faj blow (horn) souffler dans (un cor) 3.6) Mofu-Gudur (Hollingsworth) f ́ blow, play a wind instrument souffler, siffler, jouer (d'un instrument à vent)

4Proto-Maroua *fɨ blow souffler 4.1) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) fi souffler (avec un instrument) 4.1.1) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) fi prendre de l'air, liberté, repos 4.1.2) Giziga Moutourwa (Michielan) fi annoncer la chasse 4.2) Giziga Marva (Hamidou) fi gʷaf blow (horn) souffler dans (un cor) 4.3) Mbazla (Tourneux) fuwi souffler

5Proto-Lamang *vɨ blow souffler 5.1) Lamang (Wolff) vija blow 5.1.1) Lamang (Wolff) vuxa blow 5.1.2) Lamang (Wolff) va blow (bellows) 5.2) Hdi (Bramlett) vihaj to whistle siffler

6Proto-Higi *vi blow souffler 6.1) Kamwe-Futu (Harley) vi blow (of wind) 6.2) Kirya (Blench) to blow as a flute 6.3) Bana (Lienhard) vij souffler, siffler

7Proto-Kotoko Island *fa blow souffler 7.1) Buduma (McKone) fa souffler, allumer.

8Proto-Musgum *vuvuwi blow souffler 8.1) Mulwi (Tourneux) vuvuwi souffler (avec un soufflet)

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