ʃi n. foot pied (4 groups, 8 languages) E syn: sɨk ʸ, sɨraj.
There are two far more widely attested roots for 'leg' or 'foot'. The forms presented here may come from different sources, with the Kotoko forms being more likely to come from *tsɨ. It is possible that these are borrowed from the Kanuri 'ʃi'.

1Proto-Margi *hi leg jambe 1.1) Margi (Hoffman) hji leg, foot 1.2) Margi South (Harley) hi leg 1.3) Kilba (Schuh) hji leg

2Proto-Kotoko Island *tsu foot pied 2.1) Buduma (McKone) tʃu foot pied

3Proto-Kotoko North *entsɨ foot pied 3.1) Afade (Allison) entsi foot pied 3.2) Mpade (Allison) ènsɨ́ foot pied

4Proto-Kotoko Centre *sʼɨ foot pied 4.1) Lagwan (Allison) asɨ foot pied 4.2) Mser (Allison) msʼɨkɨ tɨ halbo foot pied

5Kanuri ʃî foot pied

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